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Product Information

Heat treatment is the process that most affects product characteristics. As Japan's largest manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, Shimadzu Mectem offers a wide range of models that add large amounts of value to customer products.

Model Numbers and Functionality


Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnaces

Selecting a Vacuum Furnace

General Terminology for Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces

Shimadzu Mectem offers gear pumps for specialized applications, such as the transfer of liquids under high temperatures or high pressures, or the transfer of highly viscous liquids or liquid chemicals. Our pumps are popular both in Japan and throughout the world, for chemical plants and a wide variety of industrial applications.


SBJ Series

Liquid Delivery Equipment Gear Pumps

Pump Applications

Selecting a Gear Pump

As electronic equipment becomes increasingly compact, the glass fiber used to reinforce circuit boards and for insulation must be increasingly finer and of higher quality as well. To spin glass fiber, these winders spin at high speeds under the furnace. Shimadzu is Japan's leading manufacturer of glass fiber winders and our machines are in use throughout the world.


Mechatronic Systems Glass Fiber Winders

X-Ray Inspection System

As a pioneer of X-ray fluoroscopic inspection systems, we provide inspection systems for observing the interior of a variety of parts including aluminum die cast parts.

Products Lineup

X-Ray Inspection System