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Product Information

X-Ray Inspection System

World Highest-Level X-Ray Fluoroscopy Systems

■NDI Department, Industrial NDI Division, Shimadzu Industrial Systems Co.,Ltd.

Shimadzu Corporation succeeded in generating X-rays in 1896, the year following their discovery by Dr. Röntgen. Shimadzu released Japan's first medical X-ray apparatus in 1909 and then in 1933 released the WELTES, Japan's first industrial X-ray apparatus. As a pioneer in the field of X-ray apparatuses, Shimadzu provides products that are well received by our customers.

Shimadzu MECTEM has been involved in the manufacture of industrial X-ray apparatus since 1965. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our X-ray fluoroscopic inspection technology contributes to quality improvements, research, and product development by our customers.

- Products Lineup -

◆X-Ray Fluoroscopy Systems◆

These systems are mainly for work in production technology departments and factories that produce aluminum die cast parts and electronic components. On standard specification models, an X-ray generator and detector can be selected suitable for a sample. The systems can be used for various materials including resin materials, compounds of different kinds of materials, light metal materials, and high-density materials. We also design special specification models with various structure and specifications according to customers' requests

[Inspection Examples]

  • Die cast parts (product examples below)
    Brake calipers, knuckle arms, pistons, subframes, steerings, aluminum wheels, oil pumps, fans, etc.
  • Rubber and resin molding (resin pipes, power cables, etc.)
  • Electrical components (product examples below)
    Coils, battery cells, connectors, heaters, electric wires, switches, lithium batteries, motors, electrodes, etc.
  • Composite materials
  • Other (weld bead, irradiation on animals, etc.)

    ■Examples of Fluoroscopic Images

[Fields that Use X-Ray Fluoroscopy Systems]

  • Automotive parts
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Aircraft equipment parts
  • Ship parts
  • Farm equipment parts
  • Bicycle parts
  • Electric equipment, electronics
  • Iron and steel, ceramics
  • Universities
We also carry out tests based on customers' requests.
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