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Product Information

Standard Specification System

X-Ray Fluoroscopy System
Multi-Functional Systems that Allow Selecting an X-Ray Generator and Detector Suitable for a Sample

≪Features and Overview≫

  • The SMX series units use a microfocus X-ray generator with minimum 7 μm focal spot size to acquire clear images even at high magnification.
  • The FI series units use a minifocus X-ray generator with a minimum 0.1 mm focal spot size so that thick samples can be clearly observed.
  • Use of a flat panel detector with a wide dynamic range enables fine inspections of internal areas.
    Note: Optional for the SMX series.
  • A point can be inspected from various angles by combining the movement of the drive with five axes.
  • Inspection accuracy can be improved even further using image processing such as brightness and contrast adjustment and filter processing.
  • Work efficiency is improved with a teaching function for registering coordinates, X-ray conditions, and image processing conditions.

≪Common Standard Specifications≫

■Simple navigation window

The simple, easy-to-grasp functional layout provides intended operations without hesitation and allows checking of fluoroscopic images using a large image display.
Saved images can be displayed as thumbnails by folder for comparison with fluoroscopic images.

■Operation box

A movable monitor arm is used so that the operation table position and monitor height can be changed according to the operator. The operation box operates the X-ray generator, table, X-ray generator-detector holding mechanism, shutter, and other components.

■High resolution and high output

Combining a microfocus X-ray generator and flat panel detector provides clear fluoroscopic images. Selecting a minifocus X-ray generator enables inspections of thick materials for which the fluoroscopic capacity of a microfocus X-ray generator is insufficient.

■Various software functions

-Simplified measurement function
The system can now be used to measure the angle and radius of curvature in addition to the distance between two points. Measurement with both live images and still images (acquired image) can now be performed.

-Image processing filter function
Various image processing filters can be mounted such as sharp, embossment, and void enhancement.
Note: Some image processing filters are optional.

-Distortion correction function
A distortion specific to a conventional image intensifier occurs, but the distortion correction function enables the acquisition of distortion-free fluoroscopic images that are close to images acquired using a flat panel detector.
Note: An image intensifier is installed as standard on the SMX series units.

-Teaching function
The teaching function to move the table to a preregistered position enables users to observe the same type of samples automatically and repeatedly, dramatically increasing inspection efficiency.
When positioning the table, X-ray irradiation conditions and observation conditions (e.g. image integration, brightness/contrast correction) can be registered for multiple points.

■Automatic detection function (optional)

Proprietary algorithm enables the detection of defects in thick and thin parts at the same time. Detection conditions such as major axis, count, and total area have been newly added and support diversified inspection standards.

Registration of detection standards reduces the labor hours spent by operators.

The simplified setting function specifies detection criteria with ease.
Detection items and threshold values can be specified easily.
Detection items include total area, area, count, area ratio, and major axis of voids and foreign matters.
[Automatic detection example]

Note: The teaching function is required for the automatic detection function. Automatic detection results depend on the shape and material of the sample and observation parameters, and may not meet your requirements. Evaluate results carefully using a sample before deciding to include this function.

<SMX/FI-311M Series>

■Offers fluoroscopic observations from various positions and angles, and selects an X-ray generator and detector suitable for various samples from resin to high-density materials, supporting a wide range of applications.

- With a five-axis table the position and angle of the sample can be adjusted freely. It provides excellent operability to perform fluoroscopic inspection with simplified operations.

- The system is designed prioritizing field work. The front door can be opened and closed easily, reducing the labor of loading and unloading samples.

Main Specifications Instrument Model
SMX-311M(-P) FI-311M(-P)
X-ray generator Microfocus Minifocus
Max. X-ray tube voltage 130 kV/150 kV (optional) 150 kV
Max. output 52 W/75 W (optional) 75 W/355 W
(when 0.3 mm or 0.6 mm is selected)
Focal spot size (Nominal value) 7 μm min. 0.1 mm, 0.3 mm/0.6 mm switching (optional)
Detector Image intensifier Flat panel
Image intensifier (optional)
Power supply Single-phase 200 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 kVA Single-phase 200 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2 kVA
Max. sample size and weight 200 dia. x  650 mm, 15 kg
Dimensions (W) 1700 × (D) 1070 × (H) 1850 mm
Weight Approx. 1650 kg
■Common Standard Specifications

<SMX/FI-3100M Series>

■Equipped with a shield box and table that support large-size samples up to 70 kg. When used with a high-output X-ray generator and flat panel detector, the system exhibits its power for the inspection of thick, large-size items.

- Pulling out the table to the maximum limit helps operators to carry large-size samples easily and reduces the labor. Samples with a diameter up to 620 can be loaded when a large table (optional) is installed.

- A dedicated unit (optional) can be installed to inspect aluminum wheels (30 kg max.) efficiently. Aluminum wheels equivalent to 12 to 22 inches can be accommodated.

Main Specifications Instrument Model
SMX-3100M FI-3100M
X-ray generator Microfocus Minifocus
Max. X-ray tube voltage 130 kV/150 kV (optional) 150 kV
Max. output 52 W/75 W (optional) 355 W/75 W (when 0.1 mm is selected)
Focal spot size (Nominal value) 7 μm min. 0.3 mm/0.6 mm switching, 0.1 mm (optional)
Detector Image intensifier
Flat panel (optional)
Flat panel
Image intensifier (optional)
Power supply Three-phase 200 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2 kVA
Max. sample size and weight 400 dia. x 650 mm, 70 kg
Dimensions (W) 2200 x (D) 1800 x (H) 2000 mm
Weight Approx. 3700 kg
■Common Standard Specifications
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